Product Release #1: Simplifying Equipment Sales

Selling your used agricultural equipment just got a whole lot easier. We are introducing the GRIMME Sales Agent – a service that helps you to evaluate, list and sell your use agricultural equipment online.

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Product Release #2: Sales Support Tools

Selling is an art – let’s augment it with the right accessories. Much like painting, the art of selling needs great tools and ingredients to succeed. The future of selling will not be man against machine. It will be about machines and tools that train and support our personnel so that they can focus on their strengths as opposed to hassling with scheduling, keeping notes and statistics. 

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Indoor Farming Lab
Launched is our new indoor farming laboratory investigating the technology through hands-on experience and data monitoring. In the first stage of our project, Metro Group has sponsored us some indoor grow-towers. This was a great and inexpensive way to gather some first-hand experience rapidly. Given the success and consumer-feedback,  we decided to take this project one step further. We’ve hired a biologist and look forward to open our container-lab in early 2018.

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Machine Learning for Agriculture

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research is around since 50 or a 100 years. While tracing its roots is cumbersome, understanding its trajectory can help us to adjust our expectations and find real use cases that are robust enough to be deployed for production and are accepted by consumers.

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