Neue Landmaschine online kaufen – startet!

Neumaschinenportal startet

Nach nur 3 Monaten Planungarbeit ist es soweit. startet – das erste Neumaschinenportal für Landmaschinen. ermöglicht Käufern von Landtechnik Angebote für frei konfigurierbare Neumaschinen online zu erhalten. Sie erreichen das Portal über

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Skill Management for Software Developers

Transparent developer skills are your most important asset. What skills do your developers have? Are you aware of critical skill gaps? Managing software developers effectively is just as important as keeping their skills in sync with your technical requirements.  Our skill stack development tool helps you manage software developers reliably.

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Indoor Farming Lab Launched is our new indoor farming laboratory investigating the technology through hands-on experience and data monitoring. In the first stage of our project, Metro Group has sponsored us some indoor grow-towers. This was a great and inexpensive way to gather some first-hand experience rapidly. Given the success and consumer-feedback,  we decided to take this project one step further. We’ve hired a biologist and look forward to open our container-lab in early 2018.

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Reviewing the case for indoor farming

A main argument widely used in the industry to justify the purpose for indoor farming is that consumers demand it – they demand local healthy food and that indoor farms are the answer.

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