Indoor Farming Lab Launched is our new indoor farming laboratory investigating the technology through hands-on experience and data monitoring. In the first stage of our project, Metro Group has sponsored us some indoor grow-towers. This was a great and inexpensive way to gather some first-hand experience rapidly. Given the success and consumer-feedback,  we decided to take this project one step further. We’ve hired a biologist and look forward to open our container-lab in early 2018. has started investigating indoor farming in summer 2017. Most indoor farming operations argue to be pesticide free and operate with significantly less water and fertilizer. While these environmental aspects seem appealing, there are other factors which are often neglected. Since most indoor farms operate with LED lighting, their expensive manufacturing process needs as much consideration as the energy expenditure required for daily operations. As long as we burn fossil fuels to power our LEDs, the environmental benefits of indoor farming are disputable.

Non the less, there is other factors such as consumer demand for freshness, diversity, shorter logistic cycles, traceability and the opportunity to harvest-on-demand, that may pose a case for indoor farmed produce as a niche-product.

Thus we’ve decided to move beyond simply discussing the case and gathering hands-on experience by setting up our own lab. Visit us at to stay updated.

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